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Welcome to The NEW Internet https://www.darkcryptonite.com


The World’s Most Advanced Cybersecurity Technology That Stops Ransomware, Malware, and Phishing in Their Tracks, Virtually Eliminating Cybercrime, Fraud, and Information Warfare

Developed by a team of the world's top cybersecurity thought-leaders (formerly of the US Department of Defense Cybercrime Center and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency,) and Blockchain experts, this leading-edge U.S. technology will revolutionize the way governments and businesses operate, making data 100% safe from cyber terrorism and information warfare.



"The integrity and impenetrability of our clients’ data are critical to our business of driving value and savings. We chose Dark Cryptonite for our needs because there is not another product on the market that accomplishes the task even remotely."

-Mark Milen-


Founder & CEO, Innovate Holdings, LLC


Dark Cryptonite’s mission is to transform the way governments and businesses operate and rendering cyber-terrorism and information warfare obsolete.

Dark Cryptonite offers the world’s first and only cybersecurity solution that doesn’t just react to threats, it virtually eliminates them at inception.  Dark Cryptonite’s patent-pending technology leverages our powerful encrypted data chucking algorithm technology, along with our Private Blockchain that is not accessible OR connected to anything else as well as our encrypted browser all while utilizing zero trust models, when run on a private network (yours or ours).

Our technology is superior to even that which major government intelligence agencies utilize.  How do we know?  Because our founders are former technology experts with experience working with multiple US intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and The Department of Defense as well as blockchain and cybersecurity experts.

And Dark Cryptonite runs seamlessly not requiring any internal infrastructure or software to set up or maintain.

Our services include:


  • The internet was never designed to do everything we use it for today, i.e., e-commerce, financial transactions, and the like. It is time for the Dark Cryptonite AlterNet, the new internet where data is shielded from ransomware, malware, and phishing by virtually impenetrable cyber armor. It's not a concept, it's a proven technology. Experience total protection of mission-critical infrastructure, scalable for the private, public, and/or governmental sectors.


  • Secure Private Hidden Intranet for the Enterprise. Advancements in cloud technology have made corporate intranets an indispensable tool for organizations large and small, especially those with dispersed workforces.  However, they are not without risk.  Our AlterNet enables companies to establish a private corporate intranet in which all data is digitally obfuscated in Dark Cryptonite’s “digital bunker,” making it virtually impossible to find and breach.


  • Organizations handling classified information such as intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, confidential client information, sales meetings, and plans as well as patient information need a video solution capable of handling confidential information. Thanks to its flexible deployment options, Dark Cryptonite can be configured to ensure all meetings and their data (and metadata) remain entirely sovereign for your organization. With Dark Cryptonite’s Military Grade Video Communications, your organization keeps full control of all meeting details are never exposed to third parties. Choose the best-suited deployment model for your organization while maintaining full control over the deployment locations to comply with any regional data storage and transit requirements easily. We’ve all heard of (and perhaps experienced) Zoom bombing or something similar on another platform.


  • The Dark Cryptonite Digital Bunker Backup and Storage solution is the most secure backup storage system available globally. Our Digital Bunker backup vaults are designed to operate on any network without the need for additional software or hardware, providing unparalleled security as well as saving time and money. All traffic flows between multiple nodes, encrypted and chunked with our US patent-pending algorithms and, like our other Dark Cryptonite solutions, backups are hidden in the noise and obfuscated so that data is virtually inaccessible, making your data totally secured either in the cloud or on-premises.


  • A corporate intranet brings employees, stakeholders, and teams closer together whether they work in the same office, remotely, or even globally. Advancements in internal communications and cloud technology have made corporate intranets indispensable tools for all organizations large and small with dispersed workforces. With our game-changing Corporate Intranet solution, all internal-only intranet data is secured and obfuscated in our Digital Bunker making it virtually impossible to find and breach.


  • Private & Secure eMail. Although we offer end-to-end encryption as a way of preventing third parties from being able to access data while it’s traversing between systems or devices, we also add another layer that is virtually impossible to breach because all email traffic flows between the Dark Cryptonite email servers’ multiple nodes, encrypted and chunked with our U.S. patent-pending algorithms, hidden in the noise and obfuscated so that data is virtually inaccessible, making your email data totally secure and shielded from third parties entirely.


  • Understanding the difference between secure messaging such as WhatsApp and special communications messaging is important to understand Dark Cryptonite’s unique approach. Although WhatsApp, traffic is encrypted it is still traversing a network and can be open to ransomware or other attacks. Dark Cryptonite’s Special Communications Messaging also uses encryption but takes a completely unique approach so that messages are literally hidden in the noise. Dark Cryptonite adds US patent-pending technology to obfuscate messages even further, taking each message and chunking the data so it’s virtually impossible to find and ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read what is sent.


  • The Dark Cryptonite Blockchain is a private blockchain that is not accessible and not connected to anything else. Our Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that we use is favored over Proof of Work that Bitcoin is designed to use, requires real people and their computers (nodes) to take part in that consensus. Our design does not use humans, but algorithms that would simulate humans for the purpose of consensus, so to compromise a private system using algorithmic based consensus nodes would first require someone getting access to the Dark Cryptonite environment which is virtually impossible.

Dark Cryptonite is GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, ISO2700, DFS, and CMMC Compliant