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The Internet Reimagined


Dark Cryptonite has changed the face of the internet forever.

The AlterNet, the New Alternative to the Internet 

The original design of the internet did not account for its current usage, such as e-commerce and financial transactions. This has led to an urgent need for a new internet that is fortified by advanced cybersecurity measures, capable of shielding against ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. Fortunately, a groundbreaking patent-pending technology has been developed that offers virtually impenetrable cyber armor.

The Dark Cryptonite technology is proven to safeguard mission-critical infrastructure and is scalable for use in the private, public, and governmental sectors. With it, you can experience total protection from cyber threats.

One platform, Complete protection.

Dark Cryptonite is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that addresses the growing challenge of cyberattacks worldwide. Our mission is to offer a proactive solution that eliminates threats at their inception rather than merely reacting to them. Our proprietary patent-pending technology is powered by highly sophisticated algorithms, which is completely isolated and not connected to any other system, and a encrypted browser that utilizes zero trust models.

The highest standard of security & compliance


The average cost of a data breach in the United States - $9.4M

Cybercrime is predicted to grow to by 2025 - $10.5T

Of companies expect to be breached this year - 83%

Savings when your data is in the Dark Cryptonite Alternet - 70%

"The integrity and impenetrability of our client’s data are critical to our business of driving value and savings. We chose Dark Cryptonite for our needs because there isn’t another product on the market that accomplishes the task even remotely."
-Mark Milen-

Founder & CEO, Innovate Holdings, LLC

Dark Cryptonite is GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, ISO270X, DFS, and CMMC Compliant

We are fast, flexible, and fierce.

Our Services:


Digital Asset Vault & Backup - Our Digital Asset Vault backups are designed to operate on any network without the need for additional software or hardware, providing unparalleled security as well as saving time and money. All traffic flows between multiple nodes, encrypted and chunked with our algorithms. Backups are hidden in the noise and obfuscated so that data is inaccessible, making your data totally secured.

Secure Video Communications - Organizations handling classified information - intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, confidential client information, sales forecasts, medical data, and other sensitive personal information need a video solution capable of handling confidential information. With flexible deployment options, Dark Cryptonite can be configured to ensure all meetings and their data (and metadata) remain entirely sovereign to your organization. Your organization keeps full control of all meeting details, and nothing is ever exposed to third parties to comply with any regional data storage and transit requirements easily.

Special Forces Chat & Messaging - Understanding the difference between secure messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Special Forces messaging is critical to understanding Dark Cryptonite’s unique approach. With secure messaging, traffic is encrypted but still traverses a network and is open to ransomware or other attacks. Dark Cryptonite’s Special Forces Messaging also uses encryption but takes a completely unique approach so that messages are hidden in the noise. Dark Cryptonite adds our technology to obfuscate messages even further, chunking message data so it’s impossible to find and ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between--not even Dark Cryptonite.

Private Secure Email - Although we offer end-to-end encryption as a way of preventing third parties from being able to access data while it’s traversing between systems or devices, we also add another layer that is impossible to breach because all email traffic flows between the Dark Cryptonite email servers’ multiple nodes, encrypted and chunked with our algorithms, hidden in the noise and obfuscated so that data is inaccessible, making your email data totally secure and shielded from third parties.


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