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71% of cyber-crime is against businesses with 100 employees or less.

More than half the small businesses in America, over 20 Million companies, have already been attacked.

A cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds.

What we offer:


Cybersecurity has become a top priority for company leaders, boards of directors and audit committees. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures make the need for cybersecurity even more acute.  

Cybersecurity for M&A  

The Problem Facing All Accountants, CPA's and Lawyers Today. Data breaches are an everyday event, and professional firms have a specific obligation to protect themselves and their clients from exposure to these threats. 

Cybersecurity for Accountants & CPA's

Cybersecurity for Lawyers

Protect your business and customers from cyber-criminals and costly regulatory penalties for non-compliance. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations could result in fines more than $250,000    

Regulatory Compliance

Cyber Security Awareness Training & Dark Web 

91% of cyber-attacks start with someone clicking on a phishing email. Find out who in your organization is putting you at risk. – https://www.cyberlitica.com/training 

24x7x365 Dark Web Monitoring & Reporting.

Are your employees already on the Dark Web? We will tell you with our detailed Audit Report with a complete history going back seven years to see what breaches they were involved in so you can take appropriate action now.  Get instant notifications within seconds of a data breach.  

Are your passwords for sale on the Dark Web? We will tell you with our powerful password search engine. https://www.cyberlitica.com/darkweb 

How do you stay safe on the Internet? The answer is with a very strong password. Our Strong Password Analyzer will help you get it right and keep you safe - https://www.cyberlitica.com/password 


Rogue Domain Intelligence Services

Are you being spoofed by copycat domains? We can tell you instantly with our domain intelligence services. – Cyberlitica Rogue Domain Intelligence Service

Cyberlitica Launches Advanced Chatroom-Surveillance Application to Help Avert Cybercrime

Identity Theft Resource Center

Are you a victim of an identity thief? Our resource center will guide you & navigate this tangled web. In addition to your credit history, your medical identity, driving identity, family identity will be safe and secure.

For more information, click Household ID RecoveryPrevent, Detect & Recover from ID Theft360 Checkup.