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Around-the-Clock Dark
Web Monitoring

Prevent access to your company's database by cyber thieves with help from Richard Freiberg CPA PC. We use Cyberlitica software to deliver continuous Dark Web monitoring and notification services. Cyberlitica's powerful search capabilities, AI, and big data offer you actionable threat intelligence. 


Cyberlitica offers the insight, products, professional services, and partners to support the cybersecurity efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries. Whether you have 25 employees or 250,000, we have the best solution to meet your needs.


Cybercriminals exploit compromised accounts for financial gain by selling access to these accounts on the Dark Web. Access is often gained by stealing employees' passwords, which should be changed as often as possible to prevent unauthorized access to your system. There is an 80% chance your employees are reusing the same password for multiple login accounts, which could make it easy for cybercriminals to steal them and sell them on the Dark Web. As such, your company could become a victim of: 

  • Extortion
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Brand Damage
  • Loss of Revenue


Phishing Simulation - Workforce Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Compliance & Reporting

Cyberlitica offers a full suite of workforce security awareness services.  Its fully managed, easy to use program combines training and reinforcement via simulated phishing assessments.   Our goal is your goal:  to measure and improve employee cybersecurity behavior.  Best of all these services provide proven results without additional IT or HR resources.

Fast, Flexible, Affordable, Easy to Use and cost-effective, with per-user pricing to fit every budget, our phishing application (iPhish) successfully and effortlessly manages your company's security awareness campaigns with maximum impact.

Cyberlitica will custom design your cyber campaigns to simulate a real-world phishing scam(s).  A selected email is sent to all (or a specific subset) of a company ’s employees, enabling the company to see which employees and what percent of them would have fallen prey, had the simulation been authentic.

Cybersecurity Training Portal with Interactive Videos & Quizzes. We offer a fully hosted ready-to-launch, branded cybersecurity portal with your company logo.  Included are interactive training courses, quizzes, and (once training is completed) certificates of completion.   Our tool is mobile, friendly, and easy to use. 

Numerous reports including sent, progress made, click-throughs, training taken and scoring.  Reporting meets compliance requirements for SOX/SEC/FINRA/PCI/HIPAA and others.