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Cyberlitica is in the business of cyber risk management.

Cyberlitica prevents companies’ digital information and intellectual property from being held hostage by cyber criminals

Cyberlitica Quotes  

  "We had no idea that 30% of our employees' credentials were being sold on the Dark Web...until Cyberlitica’s “Dark Web Audit" 
  CISO- Financial Services Company 

  “Cyberlitica gives you the tools and the information you need to keep your business and personal data secure and hidden from the “bad guys”. I recommend the Cyberlitica team to any company that wants to get a handle on how to protect their employees from being phished and cyber-exploited”  
   CIO, Large Non-Profit Organization

  “This is exactly what we need to help us understand our vulnerabilities and bring awareness to our employees”   
CTO, Healthcare company

Cyberlitica is the provider of threat intelligence services for the enterprise and consumer markets. The company launched the most comprehensive suite of products and services available to combat cyber-warfare, credential stuffing and fake news impacting companies and individuals alike.

Companies (and consumers) are in search of technologies that go beyond just responding to security breaches; they’re looking for proactive and predictive solutions to avoid or mitigate the financial and reputational impact of breaches altogether.

Cyberlitica offers the insight, products, professional services, and partners to support the cybersecurity efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries. Whether you have 25 employees or 250,000, we have the best solution to meet your needs.


71% of cyber-crime is against businesses with 100 employees or less.


More than half the small businesses in America, over 20 Million companies have already been attacked.

A cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds.

What we offer:


Phish Your Employees

91% of cyber-attacks start with someone clicking on a phishing email. Find out who in your organization is putting you at risk. – For more details click here To learn more about phishing click here

24x7x365 Dark Web Monitoring & Reporting

Are your employees already on the Dark Web? We will tell you with our detailed Audit Report with a complete history going back seven years to see what breaches they were involved in so you can take appropriate action now.

Are your passwords for sale on the Dark Web? We will tell you with our powerful password search engine. https://www.cyberlitica.com/darkweb

Instant notifications via email or text message within seconds of a data breach. Includes monitoring your work and personal email. Dark Web Password Search Engine.

Account Takeover Defined

Dark Web Technical Overview

For more details click here

To learn more about the Dark Web click here

Strong Password Analyzer & Organizer

How do you stay safe on the Internet? The answer is with a strong password. Our Strong Password Analyzer will help you get it right and keep you safe.  https://www.cyberlitica.com/password 

Too many passwords? Don’t remember your password? Our organizer will make your digital life easier.

passwordsFAST Storage Device passwordsFAST is a standalone device that stores up to 125 passwords. All you must remember is one simple master password to unlock the device. Not connected to the internet by design. 

Optional Products and Services  

Protect Your Digital World with YubiKey Stop account takeovers, go passwordless & modernize your multifactor authentication. 

Protect the Public, Your Staff and Your Business Against COVID-19 Temperature Detecting Kiosk Quickly measure the temperature of customers and staff entering your premises to test for fever symptoms. https://www.3idcards.com/Temperature-Detecting-Kiosk-p/temp-kiosk.htm


Scott Schober's “HACKED AGAIN” Book If a renowned cybersecurity expert can get hacked, then so could you. Read this fascinating book about the dangers of cyberspace and how to protect yourself in this dangerous world called the internet.  

Spy Detection We have developed many wireless threat detection tools used by the government, law enforcement, and military security personnel. Let us use those same tools and expertise to secure your own conference rooms, private facilities & home. https://www.cyberlitica.com/scottschober

Wireless Security Audits We have been working with every U.S. government security agency for over a decade in providing tools and assistance to secure their facilities. We offer the same ability to wirelessly audit your own facility for guaranteed security and privacy. https://www.cyberlitica.com/scottschober GPS Tracker Detection and Removal Bring any vehicle you suspect is being tracked to us (our headquarters) or we can come to you and we will secure your vehicle with the most sophisticated technology available. https://www.cyberlitica.com/scottschober


Procurement Services Enhance your security by managing your procurement process to your suppliers, clients, and partners, while substantially increasing your profitability. https://www.innovateholdingsllc.com/

Rogue Domain Intelligence Services

Are you being spoofed by copycat domains? We can tell you instantly with our domain intelligence services. – Cyberlitica Rogue Domain Intelligence Service

Identity Theft Resource Center

Are you a victim of an identity thief? Our resource center will guide you & navigate this tangled web. In addition to your credit history, your medical identity, driving identity, family identity will be safe and secure.

For more information, click Household ID RecoveryPrevent, Detect & Recover from ID Theft360 Checkup

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance We believe that providing cyber insurance services means being there to see you through every challenge, that you face today in cyberspace every step of the way.

Legal Services

Legal services from a national law firm specializing in cybersecurity at an affordable and predictable investment. For more information click here.  

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