• The average cost of a data breach in the United States - $9.4M.
  • Cybercrime is predicted to grow to by 2025 - $10.5T.
  • Companies expected to be breached this year - 83%.

We are the lead consortium of partners who provide tailored services for organizations in the United States and globally. As part of our process, we align you with our group for the services you need, along with providing additional value having access to on-going discussions for needs in the future. We offer custom tailored solutions based on the needs, size of company, and number of subscribers. This provides you with one place to go for all your cybersecurity needs instead of sorting through multiple companies and vendors on your own.


We offer a unique blanket service that provides full identity recovery and restoration, dark web monitoring and $1M identity theft policy for institutions/merchants that want to blanket this to customers. This is a cut above alerts and monitoring and allows someone with an identity issue to have us completely resolve and expunge the fraudulent records and return a person to pre-event status. This can be for any fraud event that occurs, including HIPAA laws, social security fraud, elder fraud, and deed theft. These are the 40 main forms of fraud that occur as an example of what this encompasses. Our individual plans are just $10.00 monthly and family plans are $25.00 monthly


We also offer a unique opt-out program for merchants which allows them to earn recurring revenue making it a zero-cost solution for the merchant and provide revenues the merchant can use for other things. We specialize in this program for financial institutions, but it is available for all businesses with a membership base including professional organizations, mobile carriers, insurance companies. – Identity Fraud Opt Out Blanket


Further we offer cyber insurance policies for companies and assist organizations by verifying all compliance and regulation requirements are met. Cyber Compliance Services and Business Cyber Services Approved at sign up, it remains in compliance should a breach occur, and you need to file a claim.


We are rolling out another service that uses AI and 20 different algorithm calculators behind the scenes to prevent frauds that occur to individuals. This complements the recovery and restoration offering, because when a breach happens, our fraud prevention tools eliminate daily risks seen on the consumer side. On average a person receives 5.3 frauds per day. Through our app we can prevent email, text, phone, social media, and photo frauds that happen such as Elder Fraud and Romance Scams, all the way down to verifying if a URL link is safe, if someone is running a fraud on sales of goods or services.


Our partners – Encompass Security Partners.

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