An Enterprise Browser Enabling Your Business and All You Worked For to Remain Safe from Predatory Cyber Criminals

The original design of the internet was not created with todays’ transactional model of e-commerce and financial transactions. This has led to an urgent need for a new internet fortified by advanced cybersecurity measures, capable of shielding against ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks and proven to safeguard mission-critical infrastructure and scalable for use in the private, public, and governmental sectors. Experience total protection from cyber threats with just One platform.

Our mission is to offer a proactive solution that eliminates threats at inception rather than merely reacting to them. Powered by highly sophisticated algorithms and completely isolated or connected to any other system, and utilizing an encrypted browser that utilizes zero trust models.

​The highest standard of security & compliance


The average cost of a data breach in the United States - $9.4M

Cybercrime is predicted to grow to by 2025 - $10.5T

Of companies expect to be breached this year - 83%

Investment savings when your data is with us - 70%

GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, ISO270X, DFS, and CMMC Compliant

Our Services:

Digital Asset Vault & Backup – Consider the daily horror stories of data breaches impacting supposedly safe online portals of healthcare organizations, professional firms, financial institutions, insurance companies reported. Do you want to suffer the growing regulatory fines, the escalating class actions being filed daily, reputational damage or loss of revenue and customers that lose faith in your ability to safeguard their information?

Secure Video Communications - Organizations handling classified information - intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, confidential client information, sales forecasts, medical data, and other sensitive personal information need a video solution capable of handling confidential information. Imagine being able to configure a system to ensure all meetings and their data (and metadata) remain entirely sovereign to your organization so YOU keep full control of all meeting details leaving nothing exposed to third parties while ensuring compliance with any regional data storage and transit requirements.

Private Secure Email - Although we offer end-to-end encryption to prevent third parties from being able to access data while it’s traversing between systems or devices, we also add another layer that is impossible to breach.

Small Business Cyber Solutions

Many states require businesses that conduct business in their state to maintain and enforce Information Security Plans (ISP/WISP), Employee awareness training, vendor assessment tools Designed to help SMB owners to reduce risk - and often helps to reduce insurance premiums.

Penetration Testing

Our team of certified experts conduct real-world simulated attacks on client systems and networks to identify any existing vulnerabilities and use tools and techniques commonly used by attackers to provide a realistic assessment of YOUR security defenses.

Advanced Employee Training and Testing

With 91% of all data breaches caused by human error, employee training and testing is vital and often a requirement.  We provide a complete program to train, test and document your employees’ progress as they become part of the solution, NOT the problem. 

Regulatory Response

Many companies are unaware of their requirements under the myriad of State, Federal or International laws to mitigate data loss and report data breach events.

Penalties can be imposed by States a company is not even located in.  Our Regulatory response solution provides the direction companies need and MUST have. Why risk a regulatory fine when states are becoming aggressive in their enforcement to protect their citizens.







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