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Welcome to The NEW Internet

Introducing Dark Cryptonite, The World’s First “All Digital Bunker” Utilizing Advanced Blockchain Algorithms and Zero Trust Models - https://www.darkcryptonite.com/

This internet Stops Ransomware, Malware & Phishing, Smishing, Zero day Attacks, DDOS Attacks, Stolen IP, Account Takeover, Leaked Credentials, Document Theft & Eliminating Cybercrime, Fraud & Information Warfare


Developed by a team of the world's top cybersecurity thought-leaders (formerly of the U.S. Department of Defense Cybercrime Center and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, i.e., DIA) and Blockchain experts, this leading-edge U.S. patent-pending technology will revolutionize the way governments and businesses operate, making data 100% safe from cyber terrorism and information warfare.




"The integrity and impenetrability of our clients’ data are critical to our business of driving value and savings. We chose
Dark Cryptonite for our needs because there is not another product on the market that accomplishes the task even remotely."
-Mark Milen-

Founder & CEO, Innovate Holdings, LLC

Information about Dark Cryptonite is intentionally limited at this time; current world events are such that this cutting-edge technology must temporarily remain in stealth mode. Dark Crypotonite is not just another cybersecurity technology. We virtually eliminate the biggest risk any enterprise or government agency may have. We hide in the noise.

Cyberlitica is in the business of cyber risk management.

  "The world evolves, and the risks change as well, and I would say that the risk that we keep our eyes on the most now is a cyber risk."

Jerome Powell, Chairman of The Federal Reserve, 60 Minutes-April 2021


Cyberlitica is the provider of proactive threat intelligence services for the enterprise, government, and consumer markets. The company launched the most comprehensive suite of products and services available to combat cyber-warfare, account takeover, and fraud—issues faced by individuals and companies alike.

Given the huge sums being spent to address cyber-attacks and the reputational damage they cause, companies (and consumers) are in search of technologies that go beyond just responding to security breaches; they’re looking for proactive and predictive solutions to avoid such breaches altogether-- to create, maintain, restore or improve their customers’ faith and their market share.


We created Cyberlitica to identify and stop the breaches that occur outside of your network perimeter. You don't need to install any software. We will inform you when we learn that your assets are exposed. We are laser-focused on our core competency, which is detecting, analyzing, and preventing cybercrime operations. We like to stick to our core competency, and do not expend time in unrelated intelligence domains. Because of this, we uncover cybercrime at a massive scale, mostly from private & public sources. The results are immediately applicable and useful to our customers.

We have a world-class team of intelligence analysts who find stolen credentials and other assets primarily through human intelligence and sophisticated algorithms. We acquire hundreds of millions of records every month from the darkest corners of the internet. These records impact individuals and organizations globally. We validate and ingest these records into a central database. When we find a match, we will notify you immediately so you can prevent further damage.


·       Compromised credentials from private and public data breaches

·       Intellectual property that was stolen and being advertised in underground markets such as the Dark Web

·       Personally identifiable information (PII) that is easily associated with your email

·       Domains like yours that can harm your brand as well as promote phishing activities and scams

·       Underground chatrooms where your company or executives may be mentioned

Cyberlitica offers the insight, products, professional services, and partners to support the cybersecurity efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries. Whether you have 25 or 250,000 employees, we have the best solution and platform to meet your needs.

The Cyberlitica team leverages over 100 years of workforce and cyber-related experience and has relationships with many cybersecurity professionals in the private and government sectors. 

Cyberlitica Endorsements

  "We had no idea that 30% of our employees' credentials were being sold on the Dark Web...until Cyberlitica's "Dark Web Audit." 
  CISO- Financial Services Company 

   "Cyberlitica gives you the tools and the information you need to keep your business and personal data secure and hidden from the "bad guys." I recommend the Cyberlitica team to any company that wants to get a handle on how to protect their employees from being phished and cyber-exploited."
   CIO, Large Non-Profit Organization

   "This is exactly what we need to help us understand our vulnerabilities and bring awareness to our employees."
CTO, Healthcare company

  "This is exactly what we need to help us understand our vulnerabilities and bring awareness to our employees."

CEO, Insurance Brokerage Firm