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Cyberlitica is in the business of cyber risk management.

Cyberlitica prevents companies’ digital information and intellectual property from being held hostage by cybercriminals. With the advent of advanced technologies, the world is getting hyper-connected and vulnerable to cybercrime. Cyber attackers have become lethal as they resort to sophisticated tools and techniques to carry out data breaches and thefts. It’s imperative that enterprises build a holistic security program, which is data-driven and provides the ability to make quick security decisions.

​Cyberlitica's game-changing intelligence is a platform that gives strategic, operational, and tactical information while monitoring the threat landscape, brand reputation and corporate data leakage. The platform offers intelligence tailored for the enterprise, by selecting factors relevant to its current operations and environment.

Cyberlitica Quotes  

  "We had no idea that 30% of our employees' credentials were being sold on the Dark Web...until Cyberlitica’s “Dark Web Audit" 
  CISO- Financial Services Company 

  “Cyberlitica gives you the tools and the information you need to keep your business and personal data secure and hidden from the “bad guys”. I recommend the Cyberlitica team to any company that wants to get a handle on how to protect their employees from being phished and cyber-exploited”  
   CIO, Large Non-Profit Organization

  “This is exactly what we need to help us understand our vulnerabilities and bring awareness to our employees”   
CTO, Healthcare company

Cyberlitica is the provider of threat intelligence services for the enterprise and consumer markets. The company launched the most comprehensive suite of products and services available to combat cyber-warfare, credential stuffing and fake news impacting companies and individuals alike.

Companies (and consumers) are in search of technologies that go beyond just responding to security breaches; they’re looking for proactive and predictive solutions to avoid or mitigate the financial and reputational impact of breaches altogether.

Cyberlitica offers the insight, products, professional services, and partners to support the cybersecurity efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries. Whether you have 25 employees or 250,000, we have the best solution to meet your needs.