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Cyberlitica Insights  –  September #1 2020

Cyberlitica Insights 
– August # 3 2020  

Cyberlitica Insights – August #2 2020

Cyberlitica Insights August #1 2020

Cyberlitica Insights – July #2 2020

Board Oversight of Cybersecurity Risk

Cyberlitica Insights – July #1 2020

Cyberlitica Risk Monthly Alert June 2020  

Cyberlitica Risk Monthly Alert May 2020

Cyberlitica Risk Monthly Alert April 2020

Cyberlitica Risk Monthly Alert March 2020

Cyberlitica Risk Monthly Alert February 2020  

22 State Attorneys General Seek Election Security Help

Cybersecurity Firm Cyberlitica Identifies 25 Voter Registration Databases on The Dark Web

Cyberlitica Password Checker

Cyberlitica Dark Web Audit (Video)

Capital One Hack

The Costly Risk Everyone Forgets

Is Your Patient Portal Secure

It's Not Good Enough Patient Speaks Out After Clinic Cyber Attack

Civil Grand Jury Finds Election Channels

Scammers Trick City of Naples Out of $700,000 in Spear Phishing Cyber Attack

Viewpoint: What Insurance Industry Should Acknowledge About Small Business Cyber

Half of SMBs Have No Response Plan for a Cyber Security Incident

Cybersecurity Statistics

Smishing and vishing: How these cyber attacks work and how to prevent them

Cyberattacks find easy target in nation's schools

Lessons Learned: Key takeaways for every business from the Capital One data breach

New York Enacts Sweeping New Cybersecurity Mandates For Businesses

Licensed by Your State’s Insurance Commissioner? Comprehensive Data Security Requirements Are Headed Your Way

Rebuilding Your Brand’s Reputation After A Cyber Attack

Phishing Scheme Uses Google Drive to Avoid Security: Report

Cleaning Up After Ransomware Attacks Isn't Easy

Common Problems and Limitations Of Cyber Security Awareness Training

70% of Financial Companies Suffered a Cybersecurity Incident in the Past 12 Months

Will California Law Permit Insurance Coverage for Civil Penalties Assessed Under the California Consumer Privacy Act?

Proactivity is the key to effective cyber security

Why Cyber Security Presents a Big Issue for the Healthcare Industry

U.S. SMBs Are Ignoring SBA Cyber Security Guidance

Universities Fall into the Cross Hairs of Cyber Attackers

Moody's: Cyberattacks Could Cause Significant Financial Disruption for Hospitals

Cyberattacks Now the Top Risk Say Businesses

Manage Cyber Risk

Email Breaches: A Growing Healthcare Challenge

Cybercrime Tool Prices Continue to Rise on Darknet Sites

Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Continue to Be Targeted by Cybercriminals

All the links in your supply chain need to be secure against cyber attacks  

Managed Service Providers Hit with Ransomware Attacks

Trend Micro Employee Sold Consumer Data to Scammers

Adobe's Cyber Woes: How Leaders Can Create Security Resilience  

CFOs Getting More Involved in Cyber Security Strategies 

An Expert Explains Why Spending More On Cybersecurity Isn't The Best Way To Protect Your Business

Phishing Campaigns Spoof Government Agencies: Report

CCPA: Implementing the Right Cybersecurity Plan Is Now a Legal Issue

Cyber Attacks Becoming More Common Says Insurance Specialist

Protect Yourself From Home Camera Hacking Threats


Automated hacking, deepfakes are going to be major cybersecurity threats in 2020

Facebook security breach leaves millions of accounts exposed

Police warn about storing your credit card numbers

Hidden Data On Boarding Passes Pose Personal Security Risk

Is Your Privacy Policy Ready for 2020?

Websites: A Growing Compliance Concern - CCPA, HIPAA, Accessibility, State Laws...

The Value Of Separating Compliance And Enterprise Cyber Security Goals

C-Level Executives Should Stay Away From These 6 Cybersecurity Myths 

C-suite Unprepared For NotPetya and Other Extinction-level Cyberattacks

Millions Of Windows And Linux Systems Are Vulnerable To This ‘Hidden’ Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity: Hacking victims are uncovering cyberattacks faster - and GDPR is the reason why

Companies Face Steep Litigation Risks Under California's New Privacy Law

Hacking of Accounting Firm Affects Medical Group

Spy in the boardroom – safeguarding the business from social media cyber security threats

New York Adopts New Data Security And Privacy Regulations For Schools And Their Vendors

SMS Phishing Campaign Used to Spread Emotet: Report

Cyber security experts: Hackers target children’s SS numbers